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25 reviews for Alien OG AAAA

  1. Reginald clark

    I just got in my order 3 days ago and I couldn’t believe what I smoked. I was so high, I forgot how I got into the kitchen and didn’t remember why I was in the kitchen. I have to get more of that shit!

  2. Benny glits

    Alien og AAAA is the way to go. Its light weight, smooth and powerful all at the same time. This site is the best

  3. Jeff brester

    I feel like an “OG” when I smoke on the alien og. Smokes smooth while it gives me the greatest high ever. 😎😎😎😎

  4. Eileen Ho

    I fell in love with the light green buds with the subtle orange hairs. When I got to smoking and noticed how smooth it flows through my throat, I was hooked. I was also hooked on how fast alien og hits me. It struck my like a toronado hit.

  5. Francisco lopez

    I was high all day off a cigarillo. This is the best bud I ever had without any after taste. These are some bigger buds than the last time.

  6. Johnny ouden

    The perfect bud to end the night with. Bright green buds with orange hairs that tickle my throat a little in a devilish way before coughing my way to the supreme high. Thanks guys for the fantastic weed.

  7. Chris dubson

    The smell is pungent in the air as it is burning. Smooth taste as I inhale. Awsome bud.

  8. Terrance wallaby

    Thanks once again for my high strains of the best weed. You guys has the best customer service and the fastest service available. Great strain of of weed that gets me so high.

  9. Jessica duran

    The perfect name for the top notch cannabis. I love the shade of green in the buds. It got me so high like I am on a roller coaster. Each bud id fresh with some sticky icky in the bud.

  10. Edmond truman

    I consider this strain to be like the grandfather of all buds. Not everyone can smoke this strain and be able to handle the og power.

  11. George waterbury

    This strain is the bomb. I smoked a joint and I was out light like a light. I would recommend this strain to whoever wants a crazy ass high without an expensive pricetag.

  12. Alexis white

    This strain is some fire that is super sticky. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I fell in love with the smell as it is burning. I haven’t had anything that competes with this yet. I ended up getting 2 pounds.

  13. Henry Laughton

    Love the pricing of this amazing bud. Super good deals and fast shipping

  14. Matt scornsby

    This is my third time ordering in a month. This strain is out of this world. I love the funky aroma and how slow it burns. This strain is bad to the bone.

  15. Oliver Townsend

    This is some killer strain. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I am smoking on a pound that I had gotten in 2 days ago and all I havs to say is “damn”! I told a few of my friends already and I invited them over to try it out. Thanks for the outstanding grade of cannabis.

  16. Mark Love

    I just put in an order of a lb. I will update once it comes in. Thanks for making the ordering process easy.

  17. Melissa G

    I am in love with the alien og. This weed is off the charts awsome. Hi tell everyone about this strain.

  18. Aundrea Gibson

    This is my favorite strain. This site has the best strains and fast service. I live the strains.

  19. Chris

    Look I was skeptic of this sight at first but I have got around 5 orders. All I can say is $100 Oz’s the best. This OG is grate. 2 hits and on my way. Cheers to all that work at mrsmileyface.

  20. Eliza Lavoie

    le sentiment de recevoire ma commande dans ma boite de postal est le meuillere sentiment, cest toujour du produit AAAA pour un prix admorable.

  21. Carol Hudson

    This is my favorite strain. I get this strain all the time. My shipment just came in yesterday.

  22. Dwayne Leon

    Really nice chronic for low price my wallet can appreciate during the Christmas season and it’s very nice looking bud to

  23. Kelly Rudy

    Killer strain gets me high and sends me to space lol

  24. Ashlee Mccabb

    I’m super impressed with this strain an I don’t say that often I’m very picky with my cannabis but this strain does the trick I seriously enjoyed it and will be ordering more today

  25. Colin Remier

    This strain is serious wow can’t believe how potent this bud is it’s nice in a joint and in the bong also

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