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26 reviews for Blue Rhino

  1. James stockton

    I love the blue rhino. Great aroma and burns slow. You will definately hear from me again

  2. Jaime kennedy

    The blue rhino is so good. I told all my friends about you guys. 🀘🀘🀘😍😍😍😍

  3. Steven trubert

    The blue rhino is great. High grade bud at a good price.

  4. Kelly matheson

    Great bud at a cheap price. I don’t know why I haven’t discovered this sight sooner than I have.

  5. Tonya gunthier

    Just place my 4th order in the last 3 months. Nice colors in the strain of weed. I make sure I clear my schedule before smoking the blue rhino.

  6. Jessica dean

    This color bud is alot lighter than other strains of bud. A bit stronger than a few others too. It could be why I like this padticar strain of bud so much. It helps me study in college

  7. Charlie douglas

    This is the prettiest budthat I have ever seen. No seeds either. Fire buds. I got twisted off the super slow burning weed.

  8. Freddy rickmore

    I love this strain of cannibus. I don’t feel nauseated like some weed but I get in the mood to do stuff and party. I call it “the party starter”.

  9. Sharon torres

    This weed sure is sticky with a strong skunk smell that is fire. It smells like a fruit store when I smoke this strain.

  10. Aaron umber

    These are sticky buds. Lightweight buds that burn super slow. They were decent size buds.

  11. Amanda underwood

    Nice buds that gives off a blueberry aroma. The buds are lretty sticky that had my fingers sticky also. Once I got to smoking, my head felt like it is about to explode. I fell asleep as soon as I got relaxed.

  12. Vicky simmons

    The blue rhino made my life. Strong bud and smells great. The customer service was very professional and I have recieved my order in less than a week.

  13. Ismerelda purdue

    I love the blueberry aroma of the blue rhino. It makes my apartment smell fruity. I get high pretty quick from it being so potent

  14. Victor Coldwell

    My order just came to my house this morning instead of thursday afternoon. I am more than happy to be getting super high. Thanks for my order.

  15. Owen scott

    This strain kicks ass. I didn’t realize this bud is as stromg as it is until my shipment came in yesterday afternoon. It had me feeling like I cam take on the world all at one time. Thanks for fhe greatest strain.

  16. Andreeaa Marinache

    Blue Rhino is my sticky icky. Love smoking this strain and these guys have it down to a T. Can’t wait for my next order to get here

  17. Meagan warwick

    I have not had anything like this strain. I get high as hell and I feel that all my tension has gone away once I have smoked a joint. I thought it was pretty cool how this strain actually gives off a blue smoke. With the prices being so cheap, I ended up getting a pound. Fantastic strain.

  18. Jeremy Hill

    High five to you guys. I just got in my order of the blue rhino and the super skunk. Great strains. The super skunk helps me sleep at night. I love that dank aroma that smells like the dark side but has the kick of a horse.. the blue rhino keeps me alert during the day helping me get things done. The strong blueberry smell definately defines the name blue rhino. Thisbstrain is excellent.

  19. Vaughn Patterson

    Nice strain. It smells lovely like blueberries and fruit. It gives off a blue smoke. Very pungent and strong.

  20. Rachel Parker

    I am excited to get my order just now of 2oz. It sure looks good. It smells awsome

  21. Elvis Best

    Thanks for my 8oz that came in a few hours ago. This strain helps me out a lot.

  22. Keegan Powers

    Awesome strain with an aromatic odour and smokes amazing. Can’t go wrong here

  23. Corey Hawse

    I really prefer this blue dream strain over any of the others available, in my opinion this is the best bud around.

  24. Joseph Dechamps

    Good chronic n fast delivery

  25. James St Patrick

    I’m impressed with the service quality at mr smiley face. I had some issues with Canada post with holding my product and they communicated every step of the way while getting my order back on the move through the post office. I felt secure the whole transaction and I was happy when my products arrived just as good as I was expecting. Quality people!

  26. Kaitlyn Atienza

    This is at really good product it wowed me when I first opened up my package. Nice aroma and nice looking trimmed bud

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