Escape Vape (Amedicanna)


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Escape Vape

  • Every cart. contains 70% THC
  • 0.5ml cart.
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Escape Vape

  • Every cart. contains 70% THC
  • 0.5ml cart.

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Battery&Charger, 0.5ml oil cart. 70% THC Pineapple Express, 0.5ml oil cart. 70% THC Blue Dream

11 reviews for Escape Vape (Amedicanna)

  1. Denise gonzalez

    I had the chance to order the vape and use. I enjoyed using the vape especially for the price

  2. Tammy waylon

    Nice shot of thc in the vape. Great to use when I am out and about. I take a quick hit off the vape to get a buzz til I get home. It is perfect

  3. Paola durango

    Great vape to use when I am out and about and looking to take a quick hit til I get home. I like that I don’t physically smell like weed when I take a hit of the vape in public.

  4. Amanda Killarny

    This product is awesome due to the fact that it’s very discreet, and you can smoke this without many people knowing what your up to.

  5. Dale Lewis

    These vapes are a sick way of being able to smoke anywhere nobody knows what it is just looks like everyone’s vape bit really your getting so high

  6. Katherine Humphrey

    I really enjoy the flavour behind these vapes, and I like that it is consisted of shatter. It gets you very high off of a few pulls. Lasts a pretty long time

  7. Raven Howser

    These vapes are nice and compact perfect for use on the go and the have a nice light taste when smoking them and they work really well

  8. Kelly Reese

    The vapes are smoother than the one I was using. I feel that it is alot more potent as well.

  9. Mariah Calihoo

    really nice little vapes. Not harsh on the lungs, for the type of product it is. I got Girl Scout cookies and I found that it was a nice strain that I would like to get again.

  10. Samantha Craven

    Low key vapes that you can use pretty much anywhere I smoked these while watching a movie and nobody noticed and I was able to get super high and enjoy the comedy in front of me

  11. Alyssa Sams

    This product is awesome because it’s not a flashy way to consume cannabis it’s very discreet and doesn’t give off much odour

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