Rick Simpson Oil Syringes


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  • Cherry
  • Mint
  • Piña Colada

300mg thc per syringe with flavour.

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  • Cherry
  • Mint
  • Piña Colada

300mg thc per syringe with flavour.

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Cherry, Mint, Piña Colada

8 reviews for Rick Simpson Oil Syringes

  1. Becky contreras

    The syringes are great to use if you want something that hits pretty quick. I personally like the piña colada.

  2. Dawn tremble

    The cherry syringes are my favorite by far. I can feel the cherry running through my veins as the thc hits.

  3. Pam ramster

    Nice flavor of the piña colada. The thc takes a little bit to take an effect but this is a great product since I don’t like actually smoking weed itself.

  4. Jennifer sadler

    To me, the mint oil syringe is the best. I love the mild mint flavor that have me so high in less than an hour. The cherry flavor is good too.

  5. Jack Slayer

    The syringes are nice. The THC hit me quick and it hit me for hours. Great stuff.

  6. Peyton Fuller

    Very good product that I recommend for people using for medical issues

  7. Bailey Sherwicky

    I think that it’s awesome to see this product available in flavours. I personally enjoyed the pina colada and will be hoping to try the mint next.

  8. Amber Lynn Chester

    Pina colada Rick Simpson oil is a good product very tasty surprisingly and works like wonders

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