Sour Diesel AAAA


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  • $1,450 – 1lb
  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr
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  • $1,450 – 1lb
  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr

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14gr, 1lb, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz

6 reviews for Sour Diesel AAAA

  1. Kareem richardson

    I can’t stress enough how good sour diesel is. I rolled a joint for a friend and he loved it. If I rated it from 1-10, I would give it a 20.

  2. Buddy nivel

    The sour diesel has a nice color bud when I held it in my hand. It felt pretty light and had a strong aaroma in which I knew it was some good bud before I smoked it.

  3. Ingrid marquis

    This is the kind of strain that gets you super high without being nausiated. I felt like I was above the clouds

  4. Kimberly johnson

    I love the “relaxed” feel I get after smoking any amout of sour diesel. I feel like time is a bit slowerfor me to do what I have to do on my time.

  5. Amy dove

    I smoke this strain to help me sleep. I get so high but get that relaxed feeling like all the stress had melted away.

  6. Jaime Barnhill

    This strain of cannabis feels light weight when I held it before breaking down. It sure felt sticky as I was breaking it down. The effects of the cannabis was out of this world. I even received my order in a timely fashion only 3 days.

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