Super Skunk AAAA


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8 reviews for Super Skunk AAAA

  1. Morgan milton

    The best that I ever had so far. It had my head pounding like a donkey hit me in the head. I just ran out but I will be ordering more this evening. Damn good stuff

  2. Rufus mainard

    I love the super skunk. It helped me with a migraine one time and it put me to sleep. I love the aroma

  3. Tremaine tevers

    Can’t go wrong with super skunk. Makes me feel like I am in heaven floating. I am glad to find such high power bud

  4. Scotty artola

    The super skunk actually smells like a skunk when I get to smoking it. I got so high off a joint, I slapped my mama and didn’t remember at all.

  5. Emmit dunste

    I like the name super skunk. Itcdiscribes exactly how I feel after smoking the super skunk. I feel like pepe le piew, the skunk in the has a stink smell that underestimate the strength of the bud. I am estatic at how good the weed is.

  6. Tosha larns

    This strain is one of the best smelling buds on this site. I almost caught a contact high just by smelling the buds itself. Once I got to smoking, I felt like was industructable.

  7. Jesse Bartlett

    Super skunk always has me feeling super lol kidding but seriously this is really nice big buds of kush. It smells super dank and gets you blitzed. Really good product.

  8. Benny Simms

    Super skunk is my best friend. The freshness of the strain and the potency lit up my house before even smoking any of the cannabis. Once I rolled a joint and got to smoking the skunk, its like “Pepe Lepew” the skunk came out to play. The mixtures of the red and orange hairs got me so twisted. 👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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